Participate on our
NFT Initial Offer
Buy Gen 0 NFT
Claim a Jersey,
and Receive $IMSL

BUY a Gen 0 NFT and participate on our NFT Inital Offer (NIO). CLAIM your Official IMSL Jersey DMing us on Twitter with your wallet number and the Id number of your Gen 0 NFT.
GET $IMSL each Gen 0 NFT comes with $IMSL, and you'll get it as soon as NIO finishes | Read full article on Medium.

Buy some $IMSL to Vote, Play, and Win.

BUY $IMSL by swapping $BNB on PancakeSwap. VOTE to add new teams, approve new features, and participate on all the important decisions on the game. PLAY by adding $IMSL to the match day pool of your choosing. WIN! The team scoring more goals will get the loosing team's share from the match day pool distributed proportionally among winning participants.

Contract on BSC Mainnet: 0xc8ae2289c032b119dfd29396f1fc68ee91f80118


Our Roadmap

We have designed a Roadmap to help out users to familiarize with all our current and upcoming features, estimated launching dates, and project specifics. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question or an idea.

How to Play?
Simple, it takes only 2 steps.

Step One. Join your favorite team by buying the team's badge, assign it to your profile avatar and keep it for as long as you want to play.
Step Two. Make a deposit your team's Match Day pool, and if they win, you win.

For more detailed instructions on how to play the game, please visit The Rules.

If there are no matches appointed for the day, subscribe to our official Telegram Channels and keep an eye on our official Social Media Accounts because Mr. President might be in a good mood for lauching team's challenges, or giving away team's tokens or airdropoping some special ocassion NFTs.

Meet The Original 12.

They lead the way, we present you the twelve Imaginary Super League founding clubs.

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